Play an Open-D Arrangement of "Lonesome Weary Blues"

Posted by Steve James

This pretty tune was recorded, sans slide, in 1929 by the West Virginia guitar duet of Roy Harvey and Leonard Copeland. I’ve simplified the piece for solo slide guitar in Vastopol, retaining elements of Copeland’s delicate melody line and Harvey’s fingerpicked chord/bass-run accompaniment. Use your slide where indicated to play the notes on the first strings, punctuating these notes with hammer-ons. The thumbpicked alternating bass line and connecting runs on the lower strings combine with the chords to create a rolling, almost banjolike sound.

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Although it’s a structurally complex song, “Lonesome Weary Blues” isn’t hard to play, and it affords an opportunity to practice making clean, in-tune notes with your slide. The song’s first eight measures are shown below.

Excerpted from Fingerstyle Blues Songbook

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