Play Banjo Roll–Inspired Patterns in Acoustic Rock

Posted by Andrew DuBrock

Roots Fingerpicking Ex11_12
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Artists like Steve Howe of Yes didn’t limit their influences to any one genre, often borrowing elements from bluegrass to incorporate into their fingerpicked pieces.Example 11shows a fingerpicked line similar to a banjo roll or cross-picked guitar pattern similar to what he played in songs like “The Clap.” Notice how this example takes advantage of the open strings to create unique sounds.Example 12shows a Howe-inspired fill that starts with some discordant notes but eventually resolves to the key of G. This example includes nondiatonic notes and open strings for some quirky dissonances that sound pretty raw when slowed down, but create some great tension when played up to speed.

Excerpted from Acoustic Rock Essentials: Roots Fingerpicking in Acoustic Rock

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