No. 1 Charting Newton Faulkner Talks to Elixir® Strings About How to Get a Variety of Percussion Sounds Out of His Guitar

Presented by Elixir® Strings

The multi platinum, No. 1 charting singer-songwriter, Newton Faulkner, had to have his wrist rebuilt after an accident. Scary stuff for a world-class guitar player. That experience led to his wildly successful sophomore release, Rebuilt by Humans, which followed his No.1  selling Hand built by Robots. Both albums featured numerous chart topping singles, and kicked open doors for the self styled guitarist to play all over the world and have his music featured in movies and TV shows around the globe.

“These Phosphor Bronze strings have just the right amount of body and twang - which is vital for my sound. I give them a hard life and they still sound great.”

– Newton Faulkner

Acoustic Phosphor Bronze, Medium (.013-.056)

What makes Elixir® Strings a favorite among artists like Newton Faulkner? The strings have great tone, a smooth responsive feel and extended tone life throughout the entire set. For Newton, Elixir® Strings also deliver the right amount of body and twang for his sound. The secret to all that is in the coating on the wrapped strings and anti-rust plated plain steel strings.

The coating not only keeps tone-killing gunk out of the gaps between the windings extending the tone life, but also provides a smooth feel and reduces finger squeak. The anti-rust plated plain steel strings resist tone- killing corrosion ensuring longer life for the entire set. Spend less time changing strings and more time making music.

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