Move Up the Fingerboard with Ascending Seventh-Chord Arpeggios

Posted by Scott Nygaard

Weekly Workout 3 Against 4 Week 3
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In the Weekly Workout called “Move It On Up,” we worked on patterns that move up the fingerboard instead of across it. This workout takes a similar approach with some ascending seventh-chord arpeggios. To turn them into three-note arpeggios we’ll omit the fifth of each one. The first four measures show Gmaj7 (G, B, F#), Am7 (A, C, G), Bm7 (B, D, A), Cmaj7 (C, E, B), and D7 (D, F#, C) arpeggios moving up the bottom three strings. Measures 3–4 repeat this progression in the key of C on the fifth, fourth, and third strings, followed by the same progression in the key of F on the fourth, third, and second strings and the key of Bb on the third, second, and first strings. This will take some judicious shifting as you move up the fingerboard. Don’t expect to play this one quickly until you get the shifts down. I’ve indicated suggested fingerings for each arpeggio above the notes, but other fingerings will work, too

Excerpted from Weekly Workout: Three-Against-Four Rhythms

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