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How to Use Open Strings When Playing in Flat Keys

Because one of the things that makes something “easy” on the guitar is the presence of open strings, let’s take a closer look at a few flat keys and see how many standard-tuning open-string notes can be found in the keys of Bb and Eb.

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Why You Should Check out our New Instructional Video Series "The 5-Minute Lesson"

We are thrilled to announce our latest guide series: The 5-Minute Lesson! Get more from your guitar wit this series of brief, insightful videos with tips on warm-up exercises, practicing, gig preparation and other useful topics.

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New! The Ultimate Guide to Guitar-Related Injury Prevention

Good wrist, hand, and nerve health is not always a priority when it comes to practice time. And yet, if the issue is overlooked for too long, serious problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis could be the result. The good news is that a regular warm-up routine at the beginning of your practice can help prevent the possibility of pain and injury.

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Strengthen Your Picking and Fretting Hands with "Drop Two Chord Arpeggios"

The latest in our super-popular Weekly Workout series explores drop two chord arpeggios. You'll work through a variety of chord types using diatonic chords of major and melodic minor scales, all the while getting a comprehensive workout for the fretting and picking hands.

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Guitar + Harmonica: How to "Tongue Block"

This excerpt from A Basic Harmonica Lesson for Guitarists teaches you a vital technique called "tongue blocking." It also covers the chord progression used by Neil Young on his popular guitar-and-harp song, “Heart of Gold.”

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Guitar Workshop Plus Announces U.S. Sessions

Guitar Workshop Plus, recipient of a 2014 Acoustic Guitar Player's Choice Award for Instruction, has announced its first-ever U.S.-based workshop for 2015. GWP has chosen San Diego as its newest location, and the inaugural San Diego workshop will be held on June 21-26, 2015 at the campus of California State University, San Marcos.

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Learn Fingerstyle Techniques with Part 2 of Cordoba's "How to Play Fingerstyle Guitar"

Fingerstyle technique is used in almost every genre and style of music, from timeless classical pieces to today's top hits. Instead of strumming chords, pluck individual strings to "decorate" the harmony!

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Acoustic Groove Tips from Tom Strahle and ELIXIR® Strings

Los Angeles session guitarist, songwriter and teacher, Tom Strahle, talks about the most important thing to know for acoustic guitar players. This is a tip you can really use!

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LESSON: Open String Carter-Style Hammer-Ons

Amp up Carter-style guitar with hammer-on embellishments.

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Artistworks Martin Taylor Fingerstyle Logo

ArtistWorks Instructor Martin Taylor Expands on his Foundation for Fingerstyle Magic

Build mini chord progressions all over the neck with root/10th transition points.

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Strengthen Your Fretting Hand

This fretting hand exercise from Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Essentials will improve your technique, no matter what style you are playing in.

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Classical Guitar Virtuoso Jason Vieaux Breaks Down “Bourrée” by J.S. Bach

Learn to play Bach's "Bourrée in E Minor" in this lesson from Jason Vieaux and Artistworks.

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Learn "The Island Strum" from Jamplay.com's Strummin' with Steve Series

Learn reggae rhythm and palm muting technique in this excerpt from Jamplay.com's Strummin' with Steve series.

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Don Ross from JamPlay.com Teaches Travis Picking

Fingerstyle master Don Ross talks fingerpicking patterns with a focus on Travis Picking.

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Irish Songs Audiobook COVER

Learn to Play "Rocky Road to Dublin"

"Rocky Road to Dublin" is an instantly recognizable and rousing Irish song. Play through the first few bars with this excerpt from "Irish Songs for Guitar."

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Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Method Cover

Travis Picking Basics

In this excerpt from The Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Method, David Hamburger introduces us to travis picking and explains the steps involved in establishing the bass notes.

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Country Blues Guitar Basics

Fingerpicking the Blues: The Alternating-Bass Pattern

Get to grips with the alternating-bass pattern by playing through the two examples in this excerpt from Country Blues Guitar Basics.

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Down by the Riverside COVER

Learn to Play the Traditional Song “Down by the Riverside"

Look out for the inclusion of a very useful single-string “pinch” technique in measures 3, 8, and 11 of this excerpt from Gospel Songs for Fingerstyle Guitar.

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Use the Flat VI Chord in Your Blues Rock Songs

Note that in this excerpt, you’re playing all rock-style power chords, which have no thirds so are not explicitly major or minor.

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Swingin' Blues Soloing cover

Swingin' Blues Soloing with Arpeggios

Arpeggios add a coherent sound to your soloing. This excerpt from Acoustic Blues Guitar Basics looks at a few arpeggio-based licks.

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Roots Fingerpicking cover

Play Banjo Roll–Inspired Patterns in Acoustic Rock

This excerpt from Acoustic Rock Essentials shows you how to use open strings and nondiatonic notes to create unique sounds and great tension in your playing.

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Ten Great Strum cover

Simple Rhythms Make Great Patterns

Learn how to make great rock strumming patterns from simple rhythms.

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Seventh Chords cover

Add Minor-Seventh Chords to Your Acoustic Rock Compositions

This excerpt will guide you through playing a minor-seventh chord in a progression similar to the bridge in “Norwegian Wood,” by the Beatles.

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Bluegrass Essentials cover

Using Slurs in Fiddle Tunes

Slurs can throw off your pick direction in a fiddle tune. Learn how to use them correctly with the help of this excerpt from Bluegrass Guitar Essentials.

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Harmonized Major-Scale Pentatonic cover

Build Your Chops with a Harmonized Major Scale Pentatonic Workout

This excerpt from the Weekly Workout guide series will get your fretting-hand fingers moving in new ways and help you learn the fingerboard.

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