Learn the Jazz Classic "T'ain't Nobody's Business if I Do"

Early Jazz and Swing COVER

by David Hamburger

“T’Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do” is an eight-bar blues. Billie Holiday did one of the definitive versions (included on Billie Holiday’s Greatest Hits), as did one of her great inspirations, blues diva Bessie Smith (The Essential Bessie Smith). Here’s a tip for switching among the four chord shapes: Bb6, D7, E7, and F7 all involve holding down the same shape on the sixth and fourth strings with your middle and index fingers. So to switch, say, from Bb6 to D7, just slide back one fret with your middle and index fingers; as you do so, lift your pinkie off the seventh fret of the third string and replace it with your ring finger on the fifth fret of the same string.

T'ain't Nobody's Business EXCERPT
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You can use a similar trick to get from F7 back to Bb6. You’ll be sliding back two frets with your index and middle fingers, and this time, remove your ring finger from the eighth fret of the third string and replace it with your pinky at the seventh fret.

Excerpted from Early Jazz and Swing Songs for Guitar

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