Jerry Garcia's 1985 Takamine EF360S

Posted by Teja Gerken

Takamine EF360S

Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead owned and played many fine vintage guitars (for example, he used a  Martin D-28 and Gibson Super 400 on his early '90s collaborations with David Grisman), but he also embraced modern acoustic-electric instruments--eagerly adopting Takamine's early acoustic-electrics at a time when aftermarket pickups were in their infancy.

This 1985 Takamine EF360S is one of several Takamines owned by Garcia over the years. The guitar is pictured on the covers of Garcia and John Kahn’s Pure Jerry Vol. 8 and the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band’s Ragged But Right,and it was used on live shows throughout the mid and late ’80s (including 1987’s “Joan Baez and Friends: A Christmas Concert,” which is documented in several YouTube clips, with Garcia playing the guitar). The 360 range of dreadnoughts is among Takamine’s longest running models, having been introduced in the late ’70s (with Martin-style headstocks), and continues to be produced today. Garcia’s EF360S has a solid Sitka spruce top and laminated Indian rosewood back and sides, as well as Takamine’s original Palathetic pickup and the early, small preamp with simple three-band EQ sliders built into the instrument’s upper bout. 

Excerpted from Acoustic Guitar 236, August 2012

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