Grammy-nominated Eric Bibb talks to Elixir® Strings about discovering his own sound, writing songs, and interpreting the blues.

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The Grammy-nominated, world touring, blues master Eric Bibb, is a true modern day troubadour. Eric’s family was a mainstay in the New York theatre, folk and jazz scene. This allowed the young singer-songwriter to spend time with music legends such as Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan, who played intimate roles in shaping Eric’s musical style and approach to guitar playing. With over 30 albums and countless world tours, Eric Bibb is a blues master.

"I have been using Elixir® Strings for over 10 years now. Their warmth and depth is really important to my overall sound." - Eric Bibb

Acoustic NANOWEB® Coated Medium Gauge .013 - .056

What makes Elixir® Strings a favorite among artists like Eric Bibb?  It’s great tone, no string squeak, extended tone life throughout the entire set, and smooth feel.  The secret is in the coating on the wrapped strings and anti-rust plating on the plain steel strings.

The coating not only keeps tone-killing gunk out of the gaps between the windings, extending the tone life, but also provides a smooth feel and reduces finger squeak. The anti-rust plated plain steel strings resist tone-killing corrosion. Spend less time changing strings and more time making music. 

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