ELIXIR Engineer and Taylor Guitar's Master Luthier Talk Strings

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What happens when you take the top two strings from a medium gauge set of strings, add the bottom three strings from a light gauge set, bridged with a .025 G string? You get a super articulate high-end, rich full low-end, and a balanced voice across all strings.  Your guitar, hands and ears are going to love HD Lights. Listen in to Elixir® Strings engineer Justin Fogleman and Taylor Guitars Master Luthier Andy Powers as they talk about development of Elixir HD Light Strings.

“The new HD Light strings are perfect for a smaller body acoustic guitar. I love the bold high end and warm response they deliver while giving me a light and comfortable hand feel.”

- Andy Powers, Master Luthier, Taylor Guitars

What makes Elixir Strings a favorite among Master Guitar Luthiers like Andy Powers?  Their great tone, no string squeak, extended tone life, and they help the guitars he makes sound and play their best.

The secret to all that is in the coating. It not only keeps tone-killing gunk out of the gaps between the windings extending the tone life, but also provides a smooth feel and reduces finger squeak.

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