Discover a Whole New World of Rhythm and Tone with the Engle

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Guitarists today are surrounded by a digital soundscape. All it takes is a foot on a pedal, a flick of a switch, or a click of a mouse, and a world of post-signal effects is there waiting. Creativity drives experimentation, and anything that helps players push into new musical territory is worth the adventure. However, with all these technical advances and cool effects at our fingertips, it becomes easy to overlook the basics: how a guitarist interacts with their instrument.  The Engle brings together the best of both worlds, as Stuart Masters demonstrates to superb effect in the video above.

One of many "acoustic effects," like slides, picks, capos, resonators, whammy bars, etc., meant to broaden the sonic boundaries of that interaction between a guitarist and their instrument, the Engle gives a guitarist the tonal clarity of a hammered dulcimer when playing single strings or chords, and incredible rhythmic variations that aren’t possible when using just fingers or a pick. And now, with our new interchangeable head for the Engle, "The Soft Touch", the exploration goes even a step further.

To see more footage of the Engle in action, check out these two videos:

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