Classic Chord Progressions in Songs by the Beatles

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Posted by Andrew DuBrock

The most important chords in any key are the I and V chords, and in rock music, the IV chord is close behind. The V chord creates a sense of tension that pulls your ear back to the I chord, so you’ll often hear that chord played before a progression returns to the I, as in Example 3 (where the V chord leads back to I on each repeat). You’ve probably heard this chord progression countless times; it’s similar to the one in the Beatles’ version of “Twist and Shout.” We call it a I–IV–V (“one–four–five”) progression, following the Roman numerals assigned to each chord.

ex 3_4 Beatles Chords
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Another popular progression is I–vi–ii–V (“one–six–two–five”), which you’ll find in songs like the Beatles “That Boy” and “Yes It Is” (Example 4).

Excerpted from Acoustic Rock Essentials

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