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Posted by Teja Gerken

Even though Colorado-based luthier Jeff Bamburg claims he’s “just a tool maker,” saying he gets the most satisfaction out of hearing musicians use his instruments to create their craft, one look at his guitars makes it clear that he’s not simply a utilitarian. Living and working in the small Rocky Mountain town of Salida, Colorado, Bamburg builds steel-string flattops with such contemporary features as a cantilevered fingerboard extension, carbon-fiber neck reinforcements, sound ports, radial back bracing, multiscale fingerboards, double tops, and others. Available in three body sizes—concert, small jumbo, and jumbo—Bamburg’s guitars start at $4,500 and are available as standard models or highly customized, individual creations.

"This guitar is my base model Player Series JSB (jumbo/small, Bamburg) made with cocobolo back and sides, an Alaska yellow cedar top, all-wood rosette, and ebony bindings. The fingerboard is ebony with side position markers and a scale length of 25.4 inches. The nut width is 1 3/4 inches and the string spacing at the saddle is 2 1/4 inches." —Jeff Bamburg 

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Bamburg Guitars

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Excerpted from Acoustic Guitar September 2013

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