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Grand Performance for Under a Grand - Martin’s GPCRSGT is a no-frills workhorse electro-acoustic guitar

Video. Guitar Care.

Guild Westerly F-1512

Guild Westerly F-1512

Big Box of Glimmer - Guild’s Westerly F-1512 12-string proffers jumbo-size jangle

Video. Guitar Care.

Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-45ME

Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-45ME

Modern Vintage - Epiphone’s Masterbilt AJ-45ME strives to be this era’s J-45

Video. Guitar Care.

Ibanez AVT2E-NT Tenor Guitar

Ibanez AVT2E-NT Tenor Guitar

The Tenor of the Times - The Ibanez AVT2E-NT tenor guitar blends modern playability with an old-fashioned sound

Video. Guitar Care. Early Intermediate.


Yamaha A6R

East Meets Western - Plugged or unplugged, Yamaha’s A6R dreadnought is a tonal juggernaut

Video. Bluegrass. Blues. Country. Fingerstyle. Flatpicking. Folk. Guitar Care. Early Intermediate.


Eastman E100M-LTD

A Honey of a Guitar - Eastman’s E100M-LTD takes a run at the boutique flattop market

Video. Bluegrass. Blues. Fingerstyle. Flatpicking. Folk. Guitar Care. Early Intermediate.

Tanglewood Java TWJP E - image

Tanglewood Java TWJP E

Light & Lively - The affordable, parlor-size Tanglewood Java TWJP E doesn’t skimp on sound

Video. Bluegrass. Blues. Country. Fingerstyle. Flatpicking. Folk. Early Intermediate.

Simon & Patrick Showcase Rosewood Concert Hall - image

Simon & Patrick Showcase Rosewood Concert Hall

Little Big Tone - Simon & Patrick’s dynamic Showcase Rosewood Concert Hall boasts depth and balance

Video. Bluegrass. Blues. Country. Fingerstyle. Flatpicking. Folk. Early Intermediate.

Riversong Traditional Canadian Deluxe - image

Riversong Traditional Canadian Deluxe

Unconventional Wisdom - Riversong’s Tradition Canadian Deluxe is free-swinging yet familiar

Video. Bluegrass. Blues. Country. Fingerstyle. Flatpicking. Folk. Guitar Care. Early Intermediate.

Larrivee - image

Pickin’, Larrivée UB-40 Baritone Ukulele

Small Wonder - Jean Larrivée and company jump back in the ukulele game

Video. Guitar Care. Early Intermediate.

Bedell - image

Bedell Blackbird Vegan Parlor

Listen to the Sustainability - Bedell’s tasty Blackbird Vegan parlor guitar offers a lot to feel good about

Video. Bluegrass. Country. Fingerstyle. Flatpicking. Folk. Advanced.

Mitchell - image

Mitchell ME1 & Mitchell ME2CEC

Boutique Inspired,Budget Priced Mitchell’s affordable new Element Series has much to offer the entry-level player

Video. Bluegrass. Blues. Country. Fingerstyle. Flatpicking. Beginner.

MK - image

Michael Kelly Rick Turner S6 & N6

Renaissance Redux - Michael Kelly’s new S6 steel-string and N6 nylon-string models revisit the innovative designs of Rick Turner

Video. Blues. Country. Fingerstyle. Rock. Early Intermediate.

Taylor - image

Taylor 616CE

A Blank Slate - Taylor’s redesigned 616ce boasts incredible versatility

Video. Bluegrass. Blues. Fingerstyle. Flatpicking. Folk. Advanced.

Gibson - image

Gibson - Bob Dylan SJ-200 Player's Edition

The guitar works just as well for strumming as it does for fingerpicking, and that’s definitely not always the case with such a large instrument.

Video. Bluegrass. Blues. Country. Folk. Songwriting. Advanced.

Fender - image

Fender Premium Concert Tone 59

Heavyweight Champion - Fender’s top-of-the-line Premium Concert Tone 59 banjo revives a long-celebrated line

Video. Bluegrass. Country. Folk. Advanced.

PRS - image

Paul Reed Smith SE A10E

Warm, Woody, and Inexpensive - PRS’ first all-mahogany acoustic mixes characteristics of steel-string and classical models

Video. Blues. Flatpicking. Advanced.

Bourgeois - image

Bourgeois’ Bryan Sutton

Gentle Giant - Bourgeois’ Bryan Sutton Limited Edition dreadnought revisits a modern marvel

Video. Bluegrass. Advanced.

Weber - image

Weber Two-Point Bitterroot Octave Mandolin

Flower Power - Adventurous guitarists will appreciate Weber’s Two-Point Bitterroot octave mandolin

Video. Guitar Care. Advanced.

Recording King - image

Recording King RP1-16C

Small Wonder - The 0-size Recording King RP1-16C packs a punch

Video. Guitar Care. Intermediate.

Gretsch - image

Gretsch G9201 Honey Dipper

A Taste of Honey - Gretsch looks to the Delta with its G9201 Honey Dipper resonator guitar - (Special thanks to Brad Barr of the Barr Brothers.)

Video. Guitar Care. Intermediate.

Thompson  - image

Thompson OM Brazilian

Shipshape - A stash of salvaged Brazilian rosewood helps distinguish Thompson’s OM

Video. Guitar Care. Advanced.

Martin image

Martin D-35 Brazilian 50th Anniversary

Martin celebrates the D-35’s 50th anniversary with a triumphant new model

Video. Bluegrass. Blues. Country. Flatpicking. Folk. Advanced.

Taylor image

Taylor T5z

Plugged or unplugged, Taylor’s new T5z is a righteous tone machine

Video. Blues. Rock. Early Intermediate.

Kala image


Kala’s KA-GTR tenor guitar helps bring the old four-string back in vogue

Video. Country. Folk. Early Intermediate.

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