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Martin D-35 Brazilian 50th Anniversary

Martin celebrates the D-35’s 50th anniversary with a triumphant new model

Video. Bluegrass. Blues. Country. Flatpicking. Folk. Advanced.

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Taylor T5z

Plugged or unplugged, Taylor’s new T5z is a righteous tone machine

Video. Blues. Rock. Early Intermediate.

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Kala’s KA-GTR tenor guitar helps bring the old four-string back in vogue

Video. Country. Folk. Early Intermediate.

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Gretsch G9460 ‘Dixie 6’ Guitar-banjo

Whistlin’ Dixie - Gretsch’s guitar-banjo hybrid will delight guitarists looking to expand their sonic palette

Video. Bluegrass. Folk. Early Intermediate.

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Veillette Gryphon

A Hybrid Lives Up to Its Name - The 12-string Gryphon grants guitarists easy access to mandolin-like effects 

Video. Guitar Care. Advanced.

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Takamine GD20-NS

The Takamine GD20-NS is a dream come true for the newbie guitarist

Video. Guitar Care. Early Intermediate.

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Yamaha LS16 ARE

Aged Appropriate - Yamaha’s special treatment gives the new LS16 ARE a vintage appeal

Video. Guitar Care. Early Intermediate.

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Collings 01 12-Fret

Love & Tonewood - Collings’ new 01 12-Fret parlor guitar plays so well, it’s hard to put it down.

Video. Guitar Care. Advanced.

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Bedell Revere Orchestra

Travel Light Bedell’s Revere Orchestra was built for the road, but you may want to keep it at home.

Video. Guitar Care. Advanced.

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Eastman E20SS

Eastman’s E20SS is a handsome, well-crafted instrument at a handsome, workhorse price.

Video. Guitar Care. Early Intermediate.

Merlin - image

Seagull Merlin

By taking something old and making it fresh, Seagull’s Merlin gives guitar players an exciting new voice.

Video. Guitar Care. Beginner.


Blueridge BR-65KCE

Modern Vintage - At less than a grand, Blueridge’s new BR-65KCE is an attractive, affordable guitar for the performing singer-songwriter

Video. Guitar Care. Early Intermediate.


Breedlove Jumbo ABG

Solo Bass Is Finally Cool - Breedlove shows low-end love with its new jumbo ABG with a waist-side sound hole

Video. Guitar Care. Early Intermediate.

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Taylor 150E 12-String

Chimes of Freedom

Taylor’s 150e is the 12-string guitar for players whose primary instrument is a six-string

Video. Guitar Care. Intermediate.

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Journey Instruments OF-420

Journey Instruments’ OF-420 brings a new design concept to the growing world of travel guitars

Video. Guitar Care. Early Intermediate.

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Capo 3

Click It & Pick It - The Mac application Capo 3 offers powerful tools for learning songs off the record

Video. Guitar Care. Beginner.

CF Martin D-28

Player's Choice Guitar of the Year: C.F. Martin D-28

Loves of a Blonde - The Martin D-28: An Appreciation

Video. Guitar Care. Intermediate.

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C.F. Martin 000-28K

Authenticity to Spare - Martin’s 000-28K is a glorious replica of a one-off 1921 gem of a guitar.

Video. Guitar Care. Advanced.

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RainSong CO-WS1005NS

This carbon-and-graphite beauty could make you reconsider the value of natural wood

Video. Guitar Care. Early Intermediate.


Cordoba Acero D10 - A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

It may look like a mild-mannered classical guitar, but Córdoba’s Acero D10 has steel strings that bark and bite

Video. Guitar Care. Early Intermediate.

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Gibson J-29 - Acoustic-Rock Workhorse

Gibson’s new J-29 is a classic-sounding guitar for changing times.

Video. Guitar Care. Early Intermediate.

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Gretsch G9550 New Yorker - Big Apple to the Core

Gretsch’s new G9550 New Yorker is an archtop reissue with an affordable price tag.

Video. Guitar Care. Early Intermediate.

Breedlove - image

Breedlove Legacy Auditorium - Up Around the Bend

Oregon guitar-maker Breedlove builds its Legacy Auditorium to perfection

Video. Guitar Care. Early Intermediate.


Fender Acoustasonic 90

All the Power without the Fuss

Fender’s Acoustasonic 90 is the perfect little amp for the guitarist on the go 

Video. Guitar Care. Early Intermediate.


Ovation Celebrity Standard CS24P-FKOA - High-Tech Treehugger

The earthy koa soundboard on Ovation’s Celebrity Standard Plus is a perfect match for the guitar’s patented synthetic bowl-shaped body

Video. Guitar Care. Early Intermediate.

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