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Epiphone Reissue Is Inspired by ‘1964’ Texan

A classic design with stage-ready electronics and great playability at a bargain price

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Guild Orpheum 12-Fret

A Vintage Guitar That Never Existed Creates a Cool Blend of Influences

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Gear - AC-40

New Gear, Roland AC-40

Clean-sounding, easy-to-use, lightweight amp with classic Roland reverb.

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Gear - Bourgeois

Bourgeois Aged Tone OM

Vintage-inspired OM with new top-aging technique delivers great looks and rich tone.

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Gear Alvarez

Alvarez-Yairi Masterworks DYMR70SB Review

A slope-shoulder dreadnought that’s traditional, but not old-fashioned.

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Gear Andrew White

Andrew White Freja 1022 Review

Jumbo acoustic-electric from the luthier’s new Korean made line is smartly modern and sonically versatile.

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Gear Headway

Headway EDM-1 and EDB-2 Review

Two tiny acoustic preamps deliver transparency and flexibility.

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L.R. Baggs Anthem

L.R. Baggs Anthem Review

New internal mic and pickup system produces remarkably natural amplified sound.

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Rodriguez FG Madagascar

Rodriguez FG Madagascar Review

Cedar-top classical carries on the Spanish tradition.

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Ibanez AEG10II

Ibanez AEG10II Review

Impressively crafted and affordable acoustic-electric with traditional vibe and contemporary playability.

Video. Guitar Care.

L.R. Baggs Venue Review

Acoustic Guitar contributing editor Doug Young demonstrates the L.R. Baggs Anthem internal mic and pickup system.

Video. Guitar Care.

Yamaha THR5

Yamaha THR5A Review

Tiny feature-laden amp is a perfect practice partner.

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November 2013 Cover

Zoom A3 Review

A full-featured acoustic guitar effect processor and DI.

Video. Guitar Care.

Boulder Creek ECGC-7VB

Boulder Creek ECGC-7VB Review

A stylish affordable acoustic-electric with contemporary features like an offset soundhole, side soundports, and innovative bracing system.

Video. Guitar Care.

AG 250 October 2013 Cover

Gibson J-35 Review

A classic slope-shoulder Gibson, with stage-ready electronics.

Video. Guitar Care.

AG Oct 13 Cover

Fender TPD-1 Review

Mahogany and spruce dreadnought from new Fender Acoustic Custom Shop has a classic look and versatile tones.

Video. Guitar Care.

AG Oct 13 Cover

D’Angelico EXL-1 Review

A vintage re-creation with clean sound and classic styling redefines the affordable archtop.

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August 2013 Cover

RainSong P12R Parlor Review

12-fret, short-scale, cutaway, all-graphite guitar is well-suited to the parlor and the road.

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Martin D 17M

Martin D-17M Review

Martin reintroduces the entry-level style-17 with a mahogany dreadnought that’s lively and robust.

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AG 210 June 2010

Collings D1 AV Review

A powerful and refined mahogany dreadnought.


AG 247 June 2013 Cover

Fender Passport Mini Review

Ultraportable amp with battery power has sonic flexibility with more than 100 easily accessed sounds.

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AG 247 June 2013 Cover

Takamine P3FCN Review

An acoustic-electric hybrid nylon-string that's perfect for steel-string and jazz guitarists. 

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AG 247 June 2013 Cover

Veillette Flyer 14 Review

Small-body with a radiused top delivers acoustic and electric tones reminiscent of storied Selmer-Maccaferris and Stellas but with a unique contemporary sound. 

Video. Guitar Care.

LR Baggs Lyric

L.R. Baggs Lyric Review

Internal guitar microphone delivers highly accurate acoustic tone.

Video. Guitar Care.

Kala U-BASS image

Kala U-Bass-SMHG Review

Tiny bass with a ukulele-size body has serious low-end tones.

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