Where can I view content from the current issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine?

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1. How can I subscribe to Acoustic Guitar?

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2. Can I get a digital-only subscription?

Yes. An Acoustic Guitar Digital subscription includes the video-enhanced and interactive edition of Acoustic Guitar magazine online as well as access to subscriber-only content at AcousticGuitar.com. Sign up here. For current print subscribers looking for digital access, upgrade now and enjoy all the benefits of an Acoustic Guitar Club membership FREE for the duration of your current subscription.

3. When will I receive my first issue?

For domestic orders, please allow 6–8 weeks for your first copy of Acoustic Guitar to arrive. For international orders, please allow 8–10 weeks.

4. When does my subscription expire?

The expiration date of your subscription can be found on the upper right-hand corner of your magazine label. You can also log into your account to review when your subscription expires.

5. What is my customer number?
If you have a subscription to Acoustic Guitar, it is on your mailing label.

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6. I missed an issue of Acoustic Guitar; how can I get a replacement copy?

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There are several reasons why you may not get your issue including change of address, issues with payment processing, or an expired subscription. We will gladly replace any current issue of a valid subscription not received by the first day of the issue month.

7. I received a damaged issue of Acoustic Guitar, how can I get a replacement copy?

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8. What if I receive duplicate copies?

Please email customer service at Help@AcousticGuitarService.com, and we will help you sort out this matter right away.

9. How can I order back issues of Acoustic Guitar?

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10. How can I order multiple subscriptions at once?

Please email us if you wish to order in bulk.

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Acoustic Guitar periodically makes its subscriber names available to selected organizations for marketing purposes.  If you do not wish to have your name made available, please contact us by e-mail or in writing (ACOUSTIC GUITAR, STRINGLETTER PUBLISHING, PO BOX 3500, BIG SANDY TX 75755-9860) and we will remove your name from the mailing list.


1. How do I log in?

Access to AcousticGuitar.com is free of charge. It includes the ability to log in, browse songs, lessons, advice, and gear reviews, join and interact with the Acoustic Guitar online community, and more. Register now.

2. I forgot my password or username to AcousticGuitar.com

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3. If I have a subscription to Acoustic Guitar magazine, can I log in to AcousticGuitar.com and view premium content on the website?

Subscribers to Acoustic Guitar magazine do not automatically have unlimited access to AcousticGuitar.com. If you are a member of the Acoustic Guitar Club or subscribe to Acoustic Guitar U or Acoustic Guitar Digital (AcousticGuitar.com), you can access everything on the site.

Current print subscribers looking for digital access can upgrade now and enjoy all the benefits of an Acoustic Guitar Club subscription (including access to the subscriber-only content at AcousticGuitar.com) FREE for the duration of their current subscription.

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