What Type of Guitar Player Are You?

You know which make of guitar is your favorite. You know which styles of music you like to play the most. You know which guitar players you idolize.

But do you know what type of guitar player you are? Find out right now with our fun quiz!

Where there are multiple possible answers to a question, choose the one which calls out to you the most - go with your gut!

You hear a new song you like. You...

Visit a site like ultimate-guitar.com to see if someone's posted the chords yet

Find the song on Spotify so you can share it with your friends

Bring a recording to your next guitar lesson to get help learning it from your teacher

Learn the song and then introduce it to someone else

Buy the mp3 so once you learn it, you can play along

Pick up your guitar immediately and try to pick out the chords or melody

You're magically granted an extra hour in the day to spend with your guitar. You...

Invite your friends or bandmates over to rehearse with you

Invite your friends over to play some tunes with you

Start working through the method book you just bought

Dedicate the time to examining new techniques

Play through a few of your favorite songs

Work on writing some original material

You have a gig coming up. You...

Don't sweat it - the last gig was your rehearsal

Work with your bandmates to craft the perfect set list

Find some time to run through your go-to standards

Set aside some time every day to work on the material you'll be performing

Map out your set list and refine your practice schedule accordingly

Don't believe it - you'd never play in public!

You've been working on a song and think you've finally got it down. You...

Play it at your next gig

Put on a concert in your living room for family or friends

Introduce it to your friends so you can play it together

Bring it to your next lesson and play it for your teacher

Try to show a friend how to play it too

Record yourself and play it back

You post a video of your playing online. You'd be most pleased if...

You receive some encouraging comments from viewers

You receive comments with some honest feedback about your playing

You receive questions about your technique or playing style

Nobody ever finds it

It gets thousands of views

You receive some helpful tips on how to improve

You're thinking about trying some lessons. You'd most like to take...

Weekly private lessons

A topic-specific course that would help fill a gap in your playing

A distance learning course you can attend from the comfort of your home

An afternoon workshop with a famous player who is coming to town

A group class that meets once a week and performs together at the end

A drop-in workshop that doesn't require regular commitment

A friend who has never touched a guitar before tells you he wants to learn. You...

Give him some links to the online guitar forums you like to visit when you have questions

Wish him luck - it's taken real dedication to master the songs and solos you can play

Encourage him to join a beginner's group class

Show him a few first-position chords - you've been playing for years and never needed much more to play your favorite tunes

Give him a copy of your favorite book for beginners and offer to loan him the next level in the series when he's finished

Help him find a teacher - if he's serious about playing he'll need the professional guidance

Ready to find out what kind of guitar player you are?

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