Yvonne Desrosiers

Yvonne Desrosiers

South Bend, IN

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Playing Level

  • Advanced

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Fingerstyle

Professional Status

  • Amateur

I have been playing fingerstyle guitar for nearly 5 years. I am a late bloomer. I started in my 50's. Dabbled off and on through the decades never accomplishing more than learning a few first position chords until I met and began taking lessons from Richard Gilewitz. I consider my first lessons in August of 2008 to be my birth point as a guitarist. Richard's guidance coupled with countless hours of practice continue to help me develop my skills. I am a recently retired public school art teacher and am loving the freedom to grab a guitar and practice whenever I want. I am beginning to conquer my stage fright on a very small scale by playing at gallery openings and have begun to take on students. I particularly love playing in open tunings; Open C, D, G and DADGAD. My repertoire reflects my eclectic interest in music from a variety of genres including folk, classical, contemporary, Americana. Some of my favorite composers are Richard Gilewitz(of course), John Fahey, Leo Kottke, David Walbert, Lennon and McCartney & Davey Graham. I have a great appreciation for traditional Irish tunes and am working on building a number of DADGAD pieces into my repertoire.

My Guitars & Gear

Schenk Richard Gilewitz Signature 6 string Schenk FE Grand Fingerstyle 12 string Breedlove C25/CRH; Breedlove AJ25/SR-12 Richard Gilewitz signature model; Breedlove C25 RGilewitz Signature Calendar Series; Breedlove J25 CRe 6 string; ;Breedlove AC250/SF PLUS; Breedlove AC250/BL PLUS; Breedlove AJ250/SF-12 PLUS; Breedlove C25-Passport; Lag Tramontane TN100ACE Stage; Johnson Octave Mandolin MA 550; Lanikai LU- 8 8 string Ukulele; Breedlove Quartz OF mandolin

My Groups


Fingerstyle Group
450 members

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