Will Senger

Will Senger

Ottawa Canada, ON


Playing Level

  • Advanced

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Folk

Professional Status

  • Performer

I sing and play guitar. I like to play a style I refer to as Jazz infused cowboy folk. I also like to teach guitar (Nashville Numbers System) to adult students along with songwriting. I simply love music, love guitar and love social events that focus on musical interactions. I was an economist who retired and now happily sells hardwood flooring. I love my wife and my two little dogs. I am thankful for my wonderful life and live every day with gratitude.

My Guitars & Gear

Collings OM-1E, Collings C10, Collings D2HSB, Martin OM-21, Gibson J45, Godin 5th Avenue, Fender Stratocaster, Ibanez Talman surf guitar, Les Paul ukelele, Fishman Solo Amp, Fishman Aura, Fishman Loudbox Mini, Fender Blues Jr. III, Yamaha THR5A, Yamaha THR10, Audio Technica mics ranging from 3035s and 2021s to AT2010s. Sennheiser vocal mics. Hercules stands, wall hangers, Zoom H4N, iMac, M-Audio Fastrax Ultra, headphone amps, etc. etc.

My Groups

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