Stephen Abbott

Stephen Abbott

Olympic Peninsula, WA

Playing Level

  • Intermediate

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Bluegrass

Professional Status

  • Amateur

I just turned 65 and have owned a guitar since my dad gave me a classical when I was around 16. I've taken lessons in classical, blues and rock but have never excelled or stuck with it. I have all of the Gibson Legacy Learning systems and am slowly working through them. I love guitars and have owned many but I am a professional artist and use the guitar to take a break from painting in my studio. Sometime I'd like to put more effort into playing. The best times were when I had someone else to play with, which I don't have very often..

My Guitars & Gear

1) Tacoma Papoose 2) Jose Ramirez classical 3) Seagull acoustic/electric cutaway 4) American Deluxe Fender Strat. Marshall amp

My Groups

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