Rufus Watson

Rufus Watson

Washington, DC

Playing Level

  • Beginner

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Jazz

Professional Status

  • Amateur

Hello to everyone on Acoustic Guitar. My name is Rufus. I am a beginning guitar playing taking lesson and I am enjoying myself truly. My interest are reading, tennis, and swimming.

My Guitars & Gear

I have a Hondo H-124-NM Acoustic, a Hondo H-210A Acoustic, and Hondo H-634 Classical guitar, Delfy DF020014 Classical Guitar, Decca DM1-204 Acoustic Guitar, and Oscar Schmidt Acoustic Guitar. Cordoba Clip on Tuner, Korg Pitchhawk Tuner, QWik Acoustic/Bass Guitar Tuner, and Eno EMT-320 Auto Digital Tuner. The only other piece of gear I have is the AT8531 power module along with the AT831c Lavalier microphone and a half dozen guitar picks of different desgned and weight.

My Groups

Playing Guitar

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Beginners Group
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