Reece Jirikowic

Reece Jirikowic

Port Angeles, WA

Playing Level

  • Intermediate

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Flatpicking

Professional Status

  • Amateur

59 year old Juvenile Corrections officer(looking forward to retirement), single, 27 year old daughter(cardiac sonographer, musician), 25 year old son(website developer). I live with a 12 year old German Shepherd dog(Suzie). Love my guitars, classic rock and country music!

My Guitars & Gear

1) 1976 Gibson SJDeluxe 2) 2006 Takaminie EF341SC 3) 2008 Epiphone AJ500M 4) 2012 Yamaha FG720S-12 5) 1980's(?) Fender Telecaster(Mexican) 6) 2006 Fender Acoustasonic Jr

My Groups

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