Ray Lachapelle

Gatineau, QC

Playing Level

  • Beginner

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Fingerstyle

Professional Status

  • Amateur

I'm a beginner ,I know 5 or 6 chords and learning more and more with one of my friends who as been playing since he"s 6 years old so I'm learning fingering and chord placement up and down the neck.

My Guitars & Gear

I have 2 acoustics the first is a japanese Yamaki that sounds great and the other is a no name just for practice both of them have bronze strings installed new one month ago.I have 3 electric guitars too Epiphone Les Paul,Kramer,Fender strat American highway one,and just bought an amp Fender Mustang 4.

My Groups


Fingerstyle Group
450 members

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