Michael Somma

Michael Somma

Stamford, CT


Playing Level

  • Intermediate

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Rock
    Technique and Theory

Professional Status

  • Amateur

I've been playing on and off for 30 years. Lack of inspiration, boredom & the absence of YouTube kept my guitar in the case at times. I started singing in the church choir 2 yrs ago. I have been playing at open mics since June 2012. Still learning, developing, finding my niche. Playing cover tunes but getting bored with that now. I hope AG Magazine will keep the fire burning for me !

My Guitars & Gear

Guitars: Martin OOOCXE amplified acoustic & an Art & Lutherie acoustic guitar Amp: Ibanez Troubador 30 watt amp

My Groups

Playing Guitar

Playing Guitar Group
486 members

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