Michael Kitchens

Michael Kitchens

Vicksburg, MS


Playing Level

  • Intermediate

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Blues
    Technique and Theory

Professional Status

  • Amateur

56 years old and spend 14 hours a day in an 18 wheeler hauling heavy equipment , and logs .Not much time to find someone to jam with so this is a God send for me. Navy veteran .Married for 36 years. Looking for tips and some versatility to my abilities.

My Guitars & Gear

I have 2 gibson acoustic guitars (1957 handmade hummingbird ) , ( 2002 J-100 jumbo ) , one Yamaha 12 string acoustic, an epiphone es 339 electric which is a new experience to me. Totally different animal from acoustic . Some booms and mics , digital 2trac recorder , still figuring that thing out , Ha .A high def cam corder.

My Groups

Playing Guitar

Playing Guitar Group
486 members

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