Michael Hummel

Michael Hummel

Phoenix, AZ


Playing Level

  • Advanced

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Bluegrass

Professional Status

  • Performer

I am a solo performer who plays acoustic and electric guitar with a multi-effects pedal for some augmentation. I like the acoustic sound, but for variety I'm seeking ways to incorporate a little of a crunch, electric sound. My strongest and most nuanced instrument is my voice.

I lived 30 years in Col. OH. I fronted and mixed sound for bands there in the mid-70's.
I've lived in Phoenix AZ for that last 30. I did a lot of stage and commercial acting in Phoenix for about 20 years. Right now, I'm focusing on solo performing--singing and playing.

My Guitars & Gear

I play the following acoustic guitars: Composite Acoustic all carbon fiber with either L.R. Bagss or Fishman electronic including...CA X Raw, CA X HG, CA X Player, CA OX HG Custom, Blackbird Super OM. I also own and play a Martin HD35 9D. My electrics include a Vox SSC55, a Briann Moore i2P hybrid electric; Ovation VXT hybrid electric; The multi-effects pedal I use is a Boss ME-80. Compression is another effect I like to use to equalize my percussive rhythms, and when I finger pick and want a jingle-jangle tone. My compressors include an EH Soul Preacher, an EH Blackfinger and a Janglebox JB2. For PA equipment I have a Fishman Solo amp; a Fishman Loudbox Artist amp, a KRK studio subwoofer (the subwoofer makes all the difference in the world), and a Behringer Xynx X1222 USB mixer

My Groups

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