Mark K

Mark K

Buffalo, NY

Playing Level

  • Intermediate

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Fingerstyle

Professional Status

  • Performer

Fulltime "Working Class Hero" and part time musician. I love acoustic instruments from Western to Eastern. Into all genre's of music and can offer good advise on what I own. My passion is exotic or unique instruments from around the world.

My Guitars & Gear

Guitars: Gibson J-160, Gibson J-160 Fool replica, Rickenbacker 325, Schecter Bass V1, Hoffner Beatle Bass, Roland Strat, Guild 12 string, Asher Slide, Johnson Resophonic, Epiphone Casino, CBG's, Martin D-28, Recording King R80 Banjo, Regal RD-80 Square Neck, Fender Electric Mandolin, Gibson Mandolin, Pygmy Sitar guitar, Oscar Schmidt Autoharp, Romanian Cello Amps: Fender Mustang IV, Behringer V-amp. Roland Bass cube Effects: Roland GR-525 E-MU Vintage Pro w/4 emmulator cards, EHX boutique pedals, Morley, Dunlop and Digitech wah and whammy pedals, Leslie boutique Keyboards: Yamaha Motif ES-8, Indian scale changer harmonium Exotic: Bouzouki, Bul Bul Tarang, Cumbus, Hurdy Gurdy, Oud, Saz, Sitar, Swarmandal, Tamboura, Veena, Veena Slide guitar

My Groups

Playing Guitar

Playing Guitar Group
486 members


Blues Group
260 members


Flatpicking Group
162 members


Fingerstyle Group
450 members


Songwriting Group
174 members


Recording Group
107 members

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