Lisa Thoms

Lisa Thoms

Near Fredericksburg, VA

Girl With Guitars

Playing Level

  • Beginner

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Fingerstyle

Professional Status

  • Amateur

I've only been playing guitar for about 2 years. I had one year of formal instruction and have been learning on my own since my teacher became ill. I do not think that I will ever become a great guitarist but I really enjoy learning especially when I consider it to be challenging. I'm also interested in songwriting. I enjoy writing in general so it would be nice to add a little accompaniment.

My Guitars & Gear

Current Guitars: Martin OM-1GT Breedlove Passport N250/COE Guitars I've Owned: Martin OMCPA4 Alvarez Regent 5212 Taylor GS Mini Tanglewood Evolution Steel String Takamine E116 Nylon String Silvertone 1970 Made in Japan Nylon String

My Groups

Playing Guitar

Playing Guitar Group
478 members


Beginners Group
182 members


Classical Group
82 members


Fingerstyle Group
442 members


Songwriting Group
172 members


Recording Group
105 members

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