Ken Cathey

Ken Cathey

Hendersonville, TN

Playing Level

  • Intermediate

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Blues

Professional Status

  • Amateur

I was born in 1966. I am an intermediate guitarist who wants to learn more. I love blues, rock, country and folk music. I am especially fond of finger-style acoustic guitar and would love to become proficient at this style of guitar playing.

My Guitars & Gear

I have a two Fender Stratocaster electric guitars, a Fender Precision bass guitar, a Fender CD-140 SCE acoustic guitar and a Vantage VA-40E acoustic guitar. I also have a Dean Markley KAC-60 acoustic guitar amp, a Kustom Quad 100 DFX electric guitar amp as well as an early model Knight KG-387 50 watt guitar amplifier head. I have a small Fender Squier 4 channel PA system, 3 Sure microphones and a cheap Yamaha EZ-150 electric keyboard. I also own several pedal effects including some vintage effects I have owned since I was a kid. Pedals included are: Digitec Synth Wah Envelop filter, Digitec Screamin' Blues overdrive, Digitec Hot Rod Distortion, Digitec RP150 Modeling guitar processor, Ibanez DDL10 Digital Delay2, Ibanez DL5 Digital Delay Soundtank, Ibanez AP7 Analog Phaser, MXR Micro Amp, Vox V847 Wah, and a Boss BE-5B Bass multiple effects processor. Vintage effects include a 1970's Maestro Stage Phaser, electro-harmonix small stone phase shifter, electro-harmonix muff fuzz, Kay Tremelo, a 1980's Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer and a 1980's Thomas Organ Co. Cry-Baby model 95-910511. I also have a Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 for recording.

My Groups

Playing Guitar

Playing Guitar Group
486 members


Blues Group
260 members


Fingerstyle Group
450 members

My Favorites

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