Katrina Spencer

Katrina Spencer


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  • Amateur

I decided to learn guitar when my father (who could play anything with strings VERY WELL) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He passed away last year and never really got to hear me play anything but I'm still learning because it keeps him closer to my heart.

My Guitars & Gear

My first guitar: an inexpensive yamaha acoustic given to me by my pastor. My favorite guitar: Dad's old Alvarez given to me by my brothers when dad passed away. My newest guitar: my first electric- A Dean Vendetta so I could play Rocksmith. :D My coolest guitar: A 196? Alamo Fury electric that was given to me by someone that doesn't play guitars. It was wrapped in a tie dyed pillow case. It's now played daily and my second favorite (can't compete with dad).

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Beginners Group
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