John Dierckx

John Dierckx

Renaissance Man Music

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  • Blues
    Technique and Theory

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Happily married father of three young sons.
Teacher of guitar, ukulele and bass and performer and session / freelance musician, lead guitar at Harmony church music team. Other (non-church) performance groups are small with a duo as the basis and can be extended if and when required to full blown band.

Last 5 years I have grown more and more an appreciation for the acoustic guitar in all forms. For me personally, raised a jazz guitar player with a pick, master classes with Joe Pass planted a seed for finger style yet I also played a lot with gypsies in the Netherlands which sort of implies using a pick. So I a at a point in my life now where the pick is still the first choice but more and more I find myself leaving it and playing finger style both acoustic and electric.

Most concerts are solo (jazz) guitar or a singer guitar duo/trio.

Students vary in age from six to sixty-two and cover a wide range of styles. Some of my former students have found their ways into the well know music schools i the world or have thriving careers as a musician/ mentor themselves.

- Carlos Santana , Steve Vai
- Joe Pass, Django Reinhardt, Stochelo Rosenberg, Jimmy and Doug Raney, Emily
Remler, George Benson, Wes Montgommery
- Paco de Lucia, Ruben Diaz (the ultimate mentor)
- Sean Feucht (song writer)
- Tommy Emmanuel
and many others

My Guitars & Gear

Luna Trinity Dreadnought, Yamaha FGX 412C VS, La Patrie Etude, Ibanez G5 ECE -AM, Aria Pro II Jazz Guitar, Ibanez Artist semi-acoustic, Ibanez RG custom made, Luna MO CDR concert ukulele, Ashton Bass Line Six Spider IV, Laney Acoustic Guitar Amp, Sessionette 75. Boss RDD 20,

My Groups

Playing Guitar

Playing Guitar Group
486 members


Flatpicking Group
162 members


Fingerstyle Group
450 members

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