Jim Swalley

Jim Swalley

Falcon, CO


Playing Level

  • Early Intermediate

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Guitar Care

Professional Status

  • Amateur

On and off (mostly off) guitar player since 1966 - The Beatles and many other bands made me get rid of my clarinet and get a guitar. Started with an old Harmony flat top, then a Teisco Dey Rey, both of which are long gone. Got another Harmony in 1971 and that one I still have. All my guitars (and bass) are better players than I am, IMHO. I also practice amateur luthiery - I fix 'em better than play 'em! It's all fun.

My Guitars & Gear

*** 1966 Harmony H162 - solid mahogany grand concert w/solid spruce top. Not for sale. *** 2003 Fender Mustang Bass and BA-115 Ampeg amp. Flatwounds = nice and thumpy. Name drop here: Daughter bought the amp from Mark Hoppus. She likes Blink 182 more than I do, but he is a great bassist. *** 2010/11/12 Seagull S6 Original; bought new, probably NOS. My daily player and great value for the money. I recommend Seagull/Godin to anyone who cares. However, Martin owners not usually interested in my recommendations. Hmmm. *** 2011 Squier Strat with Squier SP-10 Amp. Not bad for "Crafted in China," was actually in tune out of the box after the long trip on a container ship.

My Groups

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