Jim Lair

Lomita, CA

Playing Level

  • Intermediate

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Fingerstyle

Professional Status

  • Amateur

I suppose I started playing guitar in my mid-teens. Never read a lick of music. Played by ear or someone showed me what they wanted in background. Somewhere in time I learned how to read music. Wow! It's so much fun. I am now in my 60's. It’s just too hard to make a living in the music industry, so I kept it an avocation. I have much more fun jamm'n with friends than standing on hot stages when I am sick or just don't feel up. I'll leave all that to the pros, thank you very much. I like the term Fingerpicker, not fingerstyle, to describe my style of play. It is Spanish folk combined with an American Folk sound.

My Guitars & Gear

Taylor 518e Taylor 614ce Yamaha Dreadnought (Busking)

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