Finn Pedersen

Finn Pedersen

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Playing Level

  • Advanced

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Fingerstyle

Professional Status

  • Amateur

Guitar player since 1963 (Hank B. Marvin was my idol in those days. He still is). Today I play fingerstyle guitar. I listen to a lot of guitar players - to mention but a few: Tommy Emmanuel, Laurence Juber, Jacques Stozem, Franco Morone, Martin Taylor, Finn Olafsson, Peter Finger, Ulli Boegershausen. Btw I also play some classical guitar, that's how I started playing fingerstyle.

My Guitars & Gear

I have a Kehlet Great 6 (made by a Danish guitar maker), a Lowden guitar, a couple of Taylor guitars (one of which is a nylon-strung guitar). I also have a Trace Acoustic amplifier (TA 100R), but usually play unamplified.

My Groups


Fingerstyle Group
450 members

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