Eugene Linn

Wilson, WY

Playing Level

  • Advanced

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Folk

Professional Status

  • Amateur

Sixty-six years old. Married 36 years, wife, Ellen. Two grown children. One a wilderness guide and ski patrolman, the other a senior in Veterinary School. A lifelong resident of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Live on my Grandfather's 1905 homestead. Rancher, Outfitter, Landlord. Started playing guitar in High School, 1965. Mostly played a 12 String until 1999, then started working on other instruments. Now splitting between six and twelve string guitar and also playing mandolin, 5 string banjo and, most recently, violin. Permanent Gig, cocktail hour at our guest ranch, Linn Canyon Ranch, Victor, Idaho. I play by ear and I am self taught except for what people show you from time to time.

My Guitars & Gear

"69 Martin D-12-20,"69 Martin D-12-35S, "95 Martin HD28S Custom, "05 Martin HD-28 "08 Martin D- 15S, Little Martin, Martin Era Vega 5 String banjo, "99 Vega 5 string banjo, 1913 Vega Cylinder-back mandolin, 1941 Martin A-style mandolin, "04 Big Hollow Guitars two point mandolin, Anton Breton violin

My Groups

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