David Marchant

David Marchant

Los Angeles, CA

Playing Level

  • Advanced

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Classical

Professional Status

  • Performer

I come from the singer/songwriter tradition that grew out of the Big Folk Scare of the '60s. I was a full time performing musician for 20 years or so, in bands and as a solo. Now, I perform occasionally and record myself and others in my home Pro Tools studio. I recently established a YouTube channel, The Dmarchant Channel on which I've been putting performances that cover a long span of years. I play fingerstyle guitar, Scruggs style banjo, tenor banjo, mandolin, ukelele, dobro, bass and any other instrument I can figure out.

My Guitars & Gear

Martin 00-17 (1951), Taylor 912C (1990s), Taylor NS34ce (2010), Taylor Baby (1990s), Yamaha G-120 classical (1970), Recording King 'Sweethearts of the Rodeo' cowboy guitar (2000), Iida 5 string banjo (1970s), Eastman F-style mandolin 2012), Fender P-bass, Kala U-bass, Lark In The Morning resonator dobro, Lark In The Morning tenor banjo, various ukes, Turkish saz.

My Groups