David Clarke

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Playing Level

  • Intermediate

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Blues

Professional Status

  • Amateur

Architect who always wished I had taken a musical road. Love my guitars - eclectic tastes from folk, country and blues to Satriani in full flight. Have been writing songs for years - decided 2014 is the year to get them out there. Not quite sure why, but will be interesting anyway....

My Guitars & Gear

Acoustic - 1980 Ibanez S300. Have been thinking about a new guitar but haven't found a better tone in anything affordable. Electric - US manufactured Fender Strat - I love this thing. Played through a vintage Yamaha G100-212x brought out as a solid state competitor to the Fender Twin Reverb. Maybe not as polished, but mighty clean and mighty loud....

My Groups

Playing Guitar

Playing Guitar Group
486 members

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