D. Young

D. Young

North Hills, CA

Playing Level

  • Advanced

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Classical

Professional Status

  • Amateur

Been playing since I was about 10, mainly self-taught. Did the band thing in high school, starting with surf music (so now I've dated myself...). Nowadays? I'm a fingerstylist, doing ragtime, bossa nova, instrumental arrangements of pop stuff ("Eleanor Rigby", "Walk Don't Run" etc), jazz-ish things, a bit of classical -- basically whatever stimulates my ears :^) Sing, yeah, a little bit; but these days, I ascribe my vocal abilities with Leo Kotke's description ("sounds like geese farts on a muggy day..."). Mainly I play for my own enjoyment, and that of my friends -- many of whom are also musicians.

My Guitars & Gear

• '07 Taylor GC-6 with slotted headstock and 3-piece back; my "soulmate" guitar. • '75 Martin J-40-12, an absolutely amazing sounding axe -- very orchestral voice! • '06 Estrella classical guitar, narrow nut (48mm) a beautiful low-cost guitar.

My Groups

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