Clint Campagna

Clint Campagna

Kent (Seattle-Tacoma), WA

Playing Level

  • Advanced

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Bluegrass
    Technique and Theory
    Guitar Care

Professional Status

  • Amateur

I have played guitar, on-and-off, for over 40 years. I love both electric and acoustic music and I really appreciate quality acoustic guitars as beautiful works of art in themselves. I prefer to plug my acoustic guitars directly into a small PA rather than into an amp. I tend toward "old school" music styles and I have devoted much of my latest efforts to arranging and playing acoustic versions of contemporary Christian music.

I used to be a heavy duty party person, but have not used chemicals for 18 years.

My Guitars & Gear

Taylor 210ce, Eastman AC412-OM, Fender Standard Jazz Bass, G & L Legacy (USA), G & L Tribute Series S-500, G & L Fiorano, Epiphone Dot, 7-Channel PA System, Various Amps

My Groups

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