Avrim Topel

Avrim Topel

Rehoboth Beach, DE


Playing Level

  • Intermediate

Playing Styles and Interests

  • Country

I am a non-performing songwriter who writes in just about every genre. My songs are produced as work- for- hire in Nashville. While I have been playing and writing my entire life, I decided to study craft and take my writing to the next level about 4 years ago. Thanks to TAXI A & R for opening my eyes and providing me a wealth of resources to study craft, I've been published and continue to learn. I seek others to co-write with and learn from.
As far as goals are concerned, being in the process is everything I could ever want. Of course, having other artists or being placed on film/ TV are right up there.

My Guitars & Gear

Martin CS18-12, Martin 1941 0-18 Martin 1942 0-18 Martin 1951 000-17 Batson Grand Concert Batson,#5 MacPherson Redwd/Braz. Veillette Terz, Bil Mitchell Custom parlor

My Groups


Songwriting Group
174 members

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