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I want to talk about guitars!

Posted 2 years ago by Teja Gerken - 3 replies

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Michael Saunders

hi im not the best player out there but i got me a J8 Samick Greg Bennet and its an awesome all round guitar. But in saying that looking at buying a hollow body guitar
and i also have a Fender DG-14S and TIM ARMSTRONG HELLCAT ACOUSTIC. But i always go back to playing my J8. (And yes wife says why do you need more lol)

But if you can get your hands on a J8 have ago see what you think


Reply posted 2 years ago by Michael Saunders

I have not much composition so far, but do you know a guitar allowing to play convincingly in any style ? That's why I have a few quite different models...
(Too many according to my wife)

Reply posted 2 years ago by Marc Mony

Breeze Kinsey

Me too! Do you think that a specific guitar or setup influences the songs that you write?

Reply posted 2 years ago by Breeze Kinsey

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