repacement tuners.

George Massey

repacement tuners.

to doug singer; Doug, you can get replacement tuners in easily enough just make double sure that the ones you order exactly match both size and shape of your original tuners. order 3 a set consisting of 3 left and 3 right. measure your tuners diameter and get machining diameter in new ones. also looking at the back of the peghead notice the orientation of the tab on your tuner(the part the screw goes thru). these tab come in various orientations and the tuners come in various diameters. as long as you are careful to match orientation and diameters when ordering you will have no problems as replacement requires no drilling. when you get your neww tuners ordered from a reputable company, keep packing slip and do not tear box tuners are in. If you ordered wrong size or orientation, a reputable company will gladly replace them. try musicians friend, sweetwater music, etc. George

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I replaced the stock tuners after the low E on mine started to get hinky. I bought locking schallers. Drop in fit, work beautifully, keeps in tune much, much better.

Reply posted 1 year ago by John Hock

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