First thread of the group!

Jim Swalley

First thread of the group!

18 members now, but no discussions. Could it be that all of us Gulls are still squawking on the old website forum? Well, I have a new/NOS Seagull S6 Original. Love it. It is my daily noise maker. Occasionally, a music maker. How about you other 17 Seagull aficionados on this site?

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Kirk Gatzka

I was fairly active on the old site. I have 38 songs posted there under Kirk Mathew Gatzka profile. I play a Seagull Cedar 12-String, using a Woody pickup for plugging in. I have a Line 6 Pod XT Live connected to my computer (USB) and my amp/receiver for playing and recording. Trying out this new Community but it seems much different than the old one.

Reply posted 11 months ago by Kirk Gatzka

Eddie Duncan

Hey guys.

Acoustic blues may be my favorite. I have played about 6 years now and mostly take freebie lessons from the internet. Hope to see the group catch on. Just got my first triple 0/ 12 fret a couple weeks ago and been trying to pick up a little more on finger picking. It's been a great guitar so far but like I said, I like acoustic blues and play a lot in key of E. I kind of miss those extra 2 frets sometimes. I'm not sure it can take the place of my dreadnoughts.

Reply posted 2 years ago by Eddie Duncan

I have the Seagull slim S6. I've been looking at the SWS folk but the last one I played I was disappointed with the tone it produced. I once bought a used SWS dreadnought cutaway but learned that the neck was sinking into the sound board causing the action to be very high. I traded it for Seagull S12+ and I'm still looking for something in the solid wood series. I play my slim S6 everyday!

Reply posted 2 years ago by Terry Will

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