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Recording videos
Started by Buda Tucker
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Mic choices
Started by John Murray
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Recording videos

Recording videos

Any advice on what video recorders to use to record playing guitar for postings on You Tube? I tried my webcam on my computer and it was terrible. Fuzzy and tinny and chopped up. Thank You in advance for any advice.

Posted 11 months ago by Buda Tucker - 1 reply

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I use my webcam... The problem is I hear my big PC cpu's fan !
Do you have a sound vs image delay ? It is a quite fréquent problem.
You may use à cam corder... Some use to replace the sound track with the one simultaneously recorded through the PC : so you have to make some montage...
Hope It may help... and some one more experienced will bring some help.

Reply posted 11 months ago by Marc Mony

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