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Started by John Murray
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Started by Buda Tucker
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Mic choices

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Doc Froon

I have not ever utoobed. Watched, uh huh, waaaaay too much, but not ever posted. Are you willing to take that on? I will send to you the mp3 and you can post it with your favorite snapshots, or video, or listen ans say "oops. this is NOT ready for the public"
Email to me and I will reply as described earlier.

Reply posted 2 years ago by Doc Froon

John Murray

I've been experimenting with mic variations all weekend.
I'm finding that the stereo setup works great for my one-featured-guitar recordings but when recording multiple guitars, I'm getting much better results recording each part in mono. When it comes time for mixing, the guitars are more easily positioned in the sound space and the separation is a lot clearer.
Tips for recording multiple parts, anyone?

Reply posted 2 years ago by John Murray

Well, I did buy some stuff to do so, but miss room to keep all that paraphernalia at hand... So i make my takes with my webcam which also takes street noise as well as my PC fan ! I don't have room to make Any kind of studio... Some guys have track mixers and adjust the volume of instruments and voices they taped séparantely. I'm now considering to connect my guitars and put my mp3 on PowerPoint montages...

Reply posted 2 years ago by Marc Mony

Rick Davey

Wow! An AKG C414B *and* a RODE NTK Tube!
Can't do that on my $60 (Canadian) budget. :)
But, I can dream......
(There's a song there somewhere.)

Reply posted 6 months ago by Rick Davey

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