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Started by Buda Tucker
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Mic choices
Started by John Murray
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Mic choices

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Doc Froon

I would send to you an MP3, John. Email I will reply with a file and subject line "mp3 by Doc"

Reply posted 1 year ago by Doc Froon

John Murray

Thanks for sharing.
Sounds like a great setup.
I wonder if we can post sound bites in this forum? Would like to hear how that live set-up sounds.

Reply posted 1 year ago by John Murray

Doc Froon

Currently I sit in front of an AKG C414B. The setting on the front is normally cardioid, no bass rolloff, no db rolloff. 4" away, slight angle to the rear of the soundhole. Several different dreadnaughts, some rosewood some mahogany. I record "live" with vocals at the same time time, a RODE tube driven NTK. Both mics pass through a Bellari tube preamp before the protools interface. Live I employ SM57s through a BOSE "stick" thingy. What is that thing called?!?!? L1? Doc

Reply posted 2 years ago by Doc Froon

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