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picking volume

Dale Reynolds

picking volume

I find my volume range to be thin. I see other players using a pick that can really make the guitar sound soft and quiet yet clear, or very loud. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can increase my range of volume with a pick? I've tried different pick thicknesses already. Thanks.

Posted 1 year ago by Dale Reynolds - 2 replies

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Joseph Jacobs

Well....I have tried bazillions of picks in my day. You name it, I tried it. Anyway, a guitar friend of mine turned me on to GraphTech's tuned picks by TusQ. They are awesome! I'm sold on them. They have bright, warm and something else - I can't remember off hand. I really like the tuned "warm" picks and sometimes I'll switch to the "bright" tuned picks depending on which guitar I play that day. For me, they really work and at least for now I'm sticking to them like a hobo to a ham sandwich (smile). Anyway, give'um a try. GraphTech is out of Canada but they get them to ya real quick. Look them up and read their spec's on them. It's pretty interesting and best of all it's not B.S. (As far as I'm concerned and my acoustic guitar buddies). Try'um.

Reply posted 1 year ago by Joseph Jacobs

Well, I don't believe there is one pick that can control your dynamic range and tone. Your best dynamic control is your playing technique. Learning to use your palm, edge of the pick, and other techniques can give you a ton of dynamic control.
That being said, pick choice can put you in certain tonal ballparks. Thin picks give you a ...thin...sound, and don't allow for as much volume control. Thicker picks will give you an overall heavier sound, but pick material really influences sound.
I suggest you just try out a number of pick sizes and materials. In the end, you have to do your own experiments and use your ears to learn what works for your playing style. Good luck!

Reply posted 1 year ago by Joe Salvatore

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