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Rain Song
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later tunings

Michael Kitchens

later tunings

Know nothing about them.Sounds interesting. Would like to see some chord finger positions for some major and minor chords for dropped D and DADGAD .There must be someone out there to help me out.

Posted 1 year ago by Michael Kitchens - 2 replies

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Me again !

You will find a Blues oriented basic lesson in May 2012 issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine and a longer paper in June 2012 issue.
Ir remembered me that we called them ALTENARTE tunings. In fact they besides exploring different sounding mélodies, they also allow playing more conveniently mélodies that would be more difficult in standard tuning.
A special number is also available ($) through the magazine...

Reply posted 1 year ago by Marc Mony

Well Michael, I saw your question before and let go because I thought some one else would help more than I could. Well, first, your question is about ALTERED TUNINGS.
As i understand, DADGAD comes from old Irish folklore, while open D and open G came with early acoustic Blues (heard about Robert Johnson?).
Then, you see how ALTERED TUNINGS open à new musical world to you to discovered...
Wikipedia could help à bit...

Reply posted 1 year ago by Marc Mony

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