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Wearing Finger Picks

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Hi Jim, Interesting question. I too have tried just using my nails, bought and gave away all kinds of finger picks. I work as a tool maker so it's hard to keep fingernails intact. I am now using ProPik Finger-Tone picks. I wear them the "usual" way. They are steel finger picks that are open and let some of the fingertip poke through. You need to use a needle nose pliers to shape them but once you get them right, they're very comfortable. I get much better volume than with my fingernails. And by the way, I have also broken my pickin' nails pulling up my zipper.

Reply posted 11 months ago by Craig Brown

I have been struggling for the last two years to get good "nails". I did buy a lot of plastic and steel fingerpicks which I also tried to wear both sides on my fingers... But adjusting them is such a was te of time ! Well you kind of convince me to try false nails.

Reply posted 11 months ago by Marc Mony

Say Hey Joseph,
I was wondering how often I would need to have my nails done. Great information! I too play steel string quite a bit each day. Joe, may I ask, have you ever experienced false nails? I may need to go that way because I work around heavy machinery. I do keep my nails as long as I can because I love to alternate between using finger picks. But I do break my nails quite a bit, not by working on machinery, but when zipping up my pants! Go figure. Thin nails I suppose.
Oh man, thanks for your reply. Good stuph!

Reply posted 11 months ago by Jim Lair

Joseph Jacobs

Hi Jim, Some friends of mine turned me on to getting my playing nails done professionally. Yeah, I know...but anyway, the stuff that they use on them makes for an excellent natural feeling pick and fingernail. I go with my wife and let the person know that I'm an avid guitar player. They understand and do my picking hand just the way I want and need them. This eliminates the need for odd feeling finger picks; and best of all, they go with me everywhere always ready for a jam. Heck, even Happy Traum says he has switch to this method. It feels natural and it really works! It's relatively cheap and you only need to do it once a month. Give it a try - I'm sold on them. And yes, I play steel string acoustic (a lot).

Reply posted 11 months ago by Joseph Jacobs

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