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Rain Song
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Songwriting contests

John Yannelli

Songwriting contests

Can someone comment on the legitiamcy of these contests? I get emails from Paramount asking for lyrics or songs. Are they real? Do people win? How am I protected? Can my song end up in someones songlist and I never know it? Can it show up on their CD, they get the credit and I never know it?

Posted 2 years ago by John Yannelli - 1 reply

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In theory, any works you create are copyrighted from the moment you put them into tangible form: on paper or a recording, etc. that is, assuming you're in the US. But from what I've read, that automatic copyright will not do you much if and good, so for real protection you would need to actually register your works.

Then there would be the other issue of actually finding out about any copyright violations. There's no practical way you could listen to every CD and/or download to make sure no one has recorded your song. And if you do discover a possible violation, you'd have to go to court.

But whether or not any of these contests are legit or not I can't say.

Reply posted 1 year ago by William Schart

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