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Online Lessons

Rudy Ray

Online Lessons

I am new to this Group and would have posted this on the Beginners group but no activity for three months discouraged me so I hope it is ok to post this here. I am 62 and took up the guitar three years ago. In some ways I think I have made some progress and can play at Jams and a little Open Mic. However I really want to get better and feel I have somewhat hit a wall. I tried putting my own Internet stuff togerther but feel I need a structured course. My playing needs to get smoother and cleaned up and I need to learn to pic- finger or flat. My question- there are a number of Internet Programs- any suggestions as to what might be good and what I need to stay away from? Thanks for any help. RR

Posted 2 years ago by Rudy Ray - 5 replies

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Hi Rudy ! I'm not far from 60... And really got better in the last 3yrs or so... I don't quite look at online lessons... I am playing fingerstyle since i discovered arpeggios Many hrs ago. In the last few yrs, I bought basic tab songbooks to get my fretting hand more fluid. Easy classical pieces helped the most.
Regards, Marc

Reply posted 2 years ago by Marc Mony

Philip Glaser

I can't recommend a "structured course," but I can recommend two places on the internet that might be interesting for you. Mike Herberts has a website with a fair number of well-known guitar pieces - very reasonable prices, and you get an instruction video with each guitar piece that's easy to follow. He has popular songs, blues, ragtime, etc. You get a download right away with the score and tablature, and the instruction video. I have bought a number of his guitar arrangements. They're very good, I think.

The other one I could recommend is Jerry's Guitar Bar, for his arrangements and video instruction of a number of popular songs. Jerry is a guitar teacher, and you can easily send him an e-mail. He might suggest some other website that would be good for you, that's structured. He's a very nice guy, and honest.


Just check Google for the links to their websites.

Reply posted 2 years ago by Philip Glaser

Roger LeBlanc

If you have good finger coordination I would suggest fingerpicking! If that's difficult watch Steve Earle and the way he doe's fingerpicking, (easy, peezhy)

Reply posted 2 years ago by Roger LeBlanc

Dale Reynolds

Check out and/or Pebber Brown (youtube).

Reply posted 1 year ago by Dale Reynolds

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